Rotary Seeks Unsung Youth Hero

Credit: North Haven Rotary Club
Credit: North Haven Rotary Club

The Unsung Hero Award Committee of the North Haven Rotary Club is attempting to reach out to the community to recognize high school students who go above and beyond for others, yet seldom receive recognition. For 5 years the local service club has only sought recommendations from staff at North Haven High School, but now wants to expand its reach to recognize students residing in North Haven attending ANY high school, recommended by ANY adult who can attest to the recommendation, including staff, relatives, and friends.

Recommendation Form for UNSUNG HERO AWARD (Deadline February 14, 2014 for March Recognition)

        The criteria for selection [These are good students who are doing good things, that generally go unrecognized.] www.nhrotary.org

·          Good character, as demonstrated through conduct within the student’s high school (ANY) and the North Haven community

·           ANY student in grades 9 -12 very involved in service to others within his/her particular school and the North Haven community

·          Good school performance, with grades at least within the C+ to B+ range

·          Typically, has not previously been publicly recognized for his/her accomplishments through service to others

 [Recognition at North Haven Rotary Club meeting] Mail to P.O. Box 202, North Haven, CT 06473 or email: nhrotary.unsunghero1@gmail.com]

The North Haven Rotary Club form can be found at www.nhrotary.org.

NAME of CANDIDATE: ___________________________________________________GRADE: ________

STUDENT’S Address or Phone # ___________________________________________________________

REASONS for RECOMMENDATION By Adult (Resident or School Staff) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


RECOMMENDED BY: (Please print your name) _____________________________________________________

                                      (Your signature, if mailed) ________________________________________Date ________

Phone number, or address, or e-mail address ________________________________________________



David P. Marchesseault February 07, 2014 at 10:06 AM
Please notice that the deadline to recommend a student was pushed off to Valentine's Day.


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