The Anti-Ten Commandments

The radicalism of the Republican Party is diametrically opposed to the spirit of the Ten Commandments. I propose a new set of commandments which today's Republicans can adopt.

Congressional Republicans have repeatedly wasted taxpayer money voting to rescind what they derisively call Obamacare. I wonder if women take offense at the fact that as of this week, 47 million women will be finally able to access preventative health care without having to make a co-payment to the doctor.

Among the services are covered are: an annual check-up for adult women to get recommended preventive services; gestational diabetes screening for women 24 to 28 weeks pregnant, and those at high risk of developing gestational diabetes; breastfeeding support; supplies, and counseling for pregnant and postpartum women; and domestic violence screening and counseling for all adolescent and adult women. (An estimated 25 percent of U.S. women report being targets of intimate partner violence during their lifetime.)

The party of Lincoln has attempted to impose their anti-love agenda to all areas of our lives. I wonder if this is causing Abraham Lincoln to repeatedly turn in his grave as if he were a rotisserie chicken.  

It is time for the Republican Party to unveil a new set of Ten Commandments:

1. The Ten Commandments in the Old Testament begins with, “Remember, I am the Lord who took you out of Egypt.” In thirty six places the Old Testament reminds its readers to treat the stranger kindly reiterating, “Remember, you were once strangers in Egypt.” Substitute instead, “Remember that your ancestors were once wealthy European landowners. Do not treat strangers well.”

2. In place of not taking the Lord’s name in vain substitute, “Frequently invoke God’s name to promote your ends.”

3. In the Book of Exodus and again in Deuteronomy it states: “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the Sabbath in order that your workers and animals will be able to rest. Instead substitute, “Thou shall not raise the minimum wage nor allow workers to protect themselves against employers.”

4. Replace “Respect your parents”, “Follow the Tea Party leadership blindly, even if it is counter to your interests”.

5. Instead of the commandment not to commit murder, substitute, “Fill your homes with weapons. Do not kill the unborn but ignore the plight of the living.”

6. Replace “Do not steal”, with “Protect the wealthy and squeeze the middle class by having them carry the tax burden.”

7. Replace “Do not testify falsely under oath” with “Trample on the facts and vilify President Obama any way you can. Take bribes from lobbyists and violate your oath of office.”

8. Replace “Do not covet your neighbor’s home” with, “Let our infrastructure crumble and destroy the infrastructure of other countries.”
 Abraham Lincoln repeatedly stated the following principle: The Constitution was made to put into action the principle stated in the Declaration of Independence that, “All men are created equal”. He stated in his July 4th 1861 message to Congress that the main object of the federal government, “is to elevate the condition of men; to afford all an unfettered start and a fair chance in the race of life.”

9. The party of Lincoln has an alternate vision and principle. “The federal government’s role is to refrain from elevating the condition of man and to not afford all an unfettered start and a fair chance in the race of life.”
 Not long before he was murdered, Lincoln stated his concern that the power of corporations would be the ultimate undoing of the Union.

10.  The party of Lincoln is trying as hard as they can to turn Lincoln into a prophet. I suggest as their final commandment “Let corporate interests operate unfettered no matter the cost in human suffering.”

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cirrus August 08, 2012 at 04:29 PM
My parents remember well the suffering before SS.. Talk to any 80 yr. old what it was like before. How extreme the difficulty was to just make ends meet IF you had family. Your argument is one of the oddest anti human comments yet. You have little knowledge of history.
Maria Giannuzzi August 08, 2012 at 05:09 PM
There were many families who helped their elderly parents with both living costs and medical expenses, which could be quite high. They often had to do so at the expense of their own children and their retirement. Of course, there were seniors who had no family or no family willing to help out. So what did they do before Social Security and Medicare? I learned yesterday that Harry Truman was the first person to be signed up for Medicare. I also learned that in 1948 President Truman was calling for universal health care for all Americans.
Maria Giannuzzi August 08, 2012 at 05:22 PM
I'm glad to hear that proposals for privatizing Social Security would be heavily regulated. But that is not the free market, is it? And what would happen if a retiree under a private program has a big loss when he retires? Or are there no losses? That doesn't sound realistic. Does the investment company eat the retiree's loss? Or does the government guarantee the retiree against losses? Or is it that the retiree can only lose so much? He would still have benefits under regular Social Security to offset any losses in his private investment account. I really don't know what the point of privatizing Social Security is then. Anyone is free to invest now if they have the extra cash. If you don't have the extra cash, I would think it would be very foolish to gamble with your limited Social Security contributions.
MAC August 08, 2012 at 05:36 PM
Maria, you are misusing the term "entitlement" as it applies to government programs, so you obviously did not read this source of facts, which I cited yesterday. http://www.auburn.edu/~johnspm/gloss/entitlement_program People using legitimate, congress passed tax incentives, deductions etc. (such as for mortgage interest and charitable donations) are NOT receiving "entitlements." If you will read the above article then you will be better informed as to the difference. Also, when you blast people who receive more than they put into SS--which is usually the case, and probably will be for YOU, too--you are neglecting to acknowledge the fact that their employers also matched the contribution for the employee, into SS! And the fact that if the person's contributions had been in a savings or investment account, it would have accrued interest/dividends/cap. gains. etc. Personally, I am old enough to take a reduced SS income now, but probably won't take any SS until after the age of 70. As I don't have children, and SS survivor benefits for children only apply to minors anyway, if I die before receiving any SS, all of my contributions, and my employers' for me, will go to "Others" and "Strangers"! I will thus receive nothing of that to which I am rightly "entitled," Maria. It is odd that you urge others to look further when they disagree with your opinions, but you won't extend the same courtesy, or admit it when you are proven wrong.
R Eleveld August 08, 2012 at 06:52 PM
@MAC I would like to disagree with one statement. " if I die before receiving any SS, all of my contributions, and my employers' for me, will go to "Others" and "Strangers"!" Social Security is for all intents and purposes and always has been a pay as you go system. You send in your $1,000 and it immediately goes out the the then current beneficiaries. We originally had 20 workers per beneficiary so a $1 benefit cost the 20 workers $0.05. Today we have fewer than 5 and by some estimates 3 workers per beneficiary and that works out to $0.20 to $0.33 per $1 in benefit. Now many will say that there are trust funds that have money to support benefits. Yes and well No. Excess FICA taxes were "invested" in special treasury SS Bonds, that in theory could be used to support SS benefits at a later date. The Treasury issues these special Bonds and uses the money to fund government expenses. Reality check. You need to run a budget surplus in order to retire debt. You need to earn more than you spend to retire debt (pay of SSI) or you need to pay principal and interest like a mortgage payment. The government does not do that. There is the rub.


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