Cash Mob CT to Descend Upon East Haven's Sweet Shoppe Saturday

The candy store will be receiving a visit from the local cash mob organization Saturday — and you can join them, too, and help support a local small business.

East Haven's is looking forward to being "mobbed" Saturday afternoon.

That's because the downtown Main Street business is the latest winner of a visit by the Cash Mob CT.

The local cash mob group, which is run by Visit New Haven, held an to select a one lucky East Haven business for mobbing shoppers to descend upon for one afternoon — and then spend their cold, hard cash.

And although there were several East Haven small businesses nominated for the online poll, in the end it was the Sweet Shoppe that came out the winner.

Cash Mob Descends on Saturday

The cash mob on Saturday at the store — which — will take place from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

The event is open to anyone who would like to come down and join "the mob" of shoppers, who will each make a purchase (no size is too small) as a collective effort to support a locally owned and operated small business.

Sweet Shoppe owner Tim Pendred told East Haven Patch that he was not aware his store was even in the running for a cash mob until the contest was already well underway.

But he added that it was certainly good news when the shop received the most votes in the contest.

"It's very exciting," Pendred said.

Cash Mob Movement

A cash mob is just as it sounds: a group of area residents show up at one local business with cash at hand — generally about $20 — and then spend their funds all in that one place in an effort to show some purchasing-power love.

Each mob serves as a vehicle to raise awareness of the importance of supporting a community's local small businesses.

Supporting Local Businesses

Pendred said, of course, as the shore's owner he is really looking forward to Saturday afternoon's visit by the cash mob.

He added, however, that he is hoping the event will not just give a boost to his shop, but other East Haven local businesses in the area, too.

"It's been a very, very slow summer here," he said. "So anything to get us a little business is very appreciated."


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