Meet the Mahons, Owners of North Haven’s Skyway Roofing

Deborah and Darryl Mahon have been running Skyway Roofing for more than 20 years.


North Haven native Deborah Mahon is one of the owner’s of Skyway Roofing. She manages the business end of things, while her husband, Darryl leads his crew on every job they get.

While Darryl grew up in West Haven, his family also has old ties to North Haven as they owned Roller Haven, which is actually where the couple met when Darryl was a skate guard. Since their roller-skating days, Darryl went to school for auto body work and Deborah went to business school.

Darryl had worked for a roofing company in West Haven while going to school and in his early 20s, he decided to use the skills he’d learned to start his own company. Since then, the husband and wife team have been running Skyway Roofing out of North Haven.


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“He’s been busy ever since,” said Deborah. “He works on every job with his crew and we do everything the right way – pulling permits, we’re licensed and insured. Darryl has built an excellent reputation in the local area for himself through his care and concern for each and every customer whose home he works on.”

Now married for 26 years – and running their business for the past 20 – Deborah notes that their company has managed to stay busy even during tough economic times. She credits this to “our good reputation because our customers know how important they are to us.”

Skyway Roofing, which got its name thanks to the Skyway Bridge near Darryl’s family in Florida, is a residential roofing company. Deborah notes the company only works on one job at a time, averaging about three jobs a week and 100 roofs a year.

Skyway Roofing, which is an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau, has done projects at the American Legion building and other town building and also donated its services to the roof of the gazebo at Peters Rock. That’s not the only way the company gives back to North Haven, though, as it also sponsors North Haven Youth Basketball and the North Haven Scooters’ baseball team.

Deborah is happy to be able to give back to her hometown – a place where she and Darryl are raising their own family of three boys, ages 22, 15 and 13.

“I’m working with the town now on getting bike trails for the kids,” said Deborah. “We love the town – it has an excellent school system, it’s a quaint town with a lot of people who all know each other. It’s a very good town where the selectmen really care about the people.”


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