Yale Readies North Haven Medical Center

First Selectman Michael Freda says the facility will have “a nice positive effect” on businesses in town.

Yale-New Haven Hospital’s planned North Haven Medical Center took a step forward this week as the general contractor arrived on site to prepare for the remodeling of what is termed the old AT&T building—formerly, the Crossroads office building—at 6 Devine St. in the northern section of town.

According to Rob Hutchinson, a hospital spokesperson, renovations are expected to begin shortly.

“The jobs that come in will have a wonderful effect on small businesses here,” said First Selectman Michael Freda, who put banks, pharmacies and restaurants in that category.   

He said the multiplier effect from the facility’s employees would have “a nice, positive effect” on businesses in North Haven broadly.

The hospital purchased the roughly 120,000 sq. ft. building in 2012.  There, it plans to locate about 250 information technology jobs—largely, transfers from multiple sites in New Haven—on its third and fourth floors by July.

The medical center, which is scheduled to open fully by January of 2013, will also feature an urgent care facility to treat patients who require immediate, although not emergency, care operated by a medical group affiliated with the Yale New Haven Health System.  An MRI and imaging services and also a satellite of the Smilow Cancer Hospital offering chemotherapy treatments will also become available on the site.


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“It’s just a wonderful location to increase access to key services for the residents of North Haven as well as Hamden, Cheshire and the other surrounding communities,” Hutchinson said.

The hospital withdrew its initial plan to use the site for a full-service emergency facility after it learned that the state Office of Health Care Access might not accept it.

Also planned for the State and Devine neighborhood where the medical center will open, according to Freda, is a 17,000 sq. ft. medical center for cardiologists that is expected to open in October.

Renovations on the complex where Quinnipiac University will operate its medical school on the university’s North Haven campus are also underway. According to a university spokesman, the medical school expects to greet its first class in the fall of 2013.  After Yale University and the University of Connecticut, Quinnipiac's medical school will become the third in the state.

The Gaylord Wellness Center—now, somewhat of a fixture in town—abuts the Yale-New Haven property at 8 Devine St.   

Eileen Bujalski June 19, 2012 at 02:42 PM
This is a very disturbing comment - "it is a wonderful location to increase access to key services for the residents of North Haven as well as Hamden, Cheshire and the other surrounding communities,” Hutchinson said. BUT what about the increase to traffic and noise from all this traffic using the Route 40 connector. Everyone who lives near the connector shoud be very concern about this issue. I tried to ask about sound barriers for the connector but the Town Officials, Senator Fasano an DOT will not address this!
Milton Baisley June 20, 2012 at 10:29 PM
I agree with Eileen, barriers are needed badly. The town of North haven should back this but they plan to ignore the facts. next step WNHCTV8 Milt baisley
Eileen Bujalski June 21, 2012 at 02:25 PM
I am wonder how many other residents are aware of this problem. F.Y.I. about Yale-NH Epic Center - I am concern about the problems with the Route 40 connector due to the continuous increase of traffic, noise and the recent removal of trees. While watching the Planning & Zoning Commission report on TV about the new Yale-NH Epic Center to be built next to the Route 40 connector, no comments about the issue of traffic & sound barriers for this route were mentioned. I live along this connector and the traffic has been steady increasing due Quinnipiac University and now with this new facility, we can expect more trucks & cars (not to mention ambulances racing by at all hours) .This connector was built along an existing residential area and the original purpose was scraped, then it was to allow access to I91 for small percentage of traffic flow, but within the next two years this will become a major highway. According to the DOT - "The Department currently provides noise abatement, where warranted, when additional highway capacity is added. When a project is proposed that will increase capacity, a traffic noise study is done. The results of the study determine where noise abatement should be provided.”


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