Massive Federal Spending is an Outrage--No Matter Who is President

The left is silent over the federal spending that has come under President Obama vs. the outrage they espoused during the two terms of President Bush.

I recall many of the liberal-minded in the United States going crazy (I mean just beserk!) when President Bush was racking up debts and deficits in the eight years during his presidency.

I even remember then-candidate Obama saying something like this : (see video attached).

I am pround member of the Republican party. While I do not espouse the same belief as Mr. Obama that Bush's spending actions were un-patriotic, I do believe they were reckless and irresponsible toward the stability of our country in the short and long term. As many liberals, conservatives, moderates, republicans and democrats seem to find common ground on this issue, (at least in retrospect) where is the outrage at the current administration? President Obama has put our national debt above $16 trillion. Let me write that out:

Under President Obama, our national debt has reached to more than $16,000,000,000,000.

President Bush increased our national debt by $4 trillion in eight years. President Obama has increased it by $6 trillion in less than four years.

Now, conservatives are going beserk. Where are the liberals to join in?

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Hansa Junchun September 14, 2012 at 04:37 PM
They won't! America's liberal whackos cannot get beyond ideology to realize Barack Hussein Obama has done everything, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING George W. had done, only bigger and harder, all while gutting the left's ability to protest. Embracing Barack Hussein Obama is the embrace of death for the liberal activist. When one thinks about it: the Occupy Wall Street movement was co-opted and brought to destruction by the liberal Democrat mayors, who didn't like it when the protesters answered the Obama campaign's call for volunteers by burning an effigy of the President. That's when the Democrats decided to cart in homeless crack addicts in order to break up Occupy. Anyway, it was George W's deficits in 2007 and 2008 fiscal years that accelerated our ferocious economic crisis. And what was so special about those years? The savage ethanol freak Rosa DeLauro and her pal Pelosi were writing the budgets, and doubled the deficits, IN (relatively) GOOD ECONOMIC TIMES, to nearly $800 billion! If W wasn't a big-government lover, he would've vetoed those budgets and thrown them right back in Rosa's crop-killing face. To compound the problem, hard-core partisanship means we haven't had a budget in three years, in complete violation of the Constitution. Every single member of the legislator needs to be recalled and thrown out of office for this illegal act! Worst of all, not having a budget means no accountability, and further trillion dollar deficits.
Margaret Callahan September 15, 2012 at 08:06 PM
oh pleez, W spent on a war to avenge his father and Obama, or as you insist on calling him "Barach Hussein Obama" is spending on a stimulus everyone agreed to in order to save us from repeat of the 30s. duh


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