Candidate Upload Form

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to view all the questions

This page is for candidates to upload information about themselves and their campaign. Please ensure that you go through the entire survey (there are 43 questions in this survey). After you’re done, please click on the Submit button. North Have Patch won’t receive your information unless the Submit button is clicked!

Three things to note on uploading pictures and video:

1. Please do not leave answers to questions 36 and 38 blank. We may not be able to retrieve pictures or video you upload if you don’t answer these!

2. If you wish to upload a photo and/or video, please click on the “Choose File” button to select the file and click “Upload” in questions 36 and 38. Your files will not be available to us unless the Upload button is clicked.

3. If you are unable to upload your photo and/or video, you can email the files to elissa@patch.com.

Please feel free to contact Elissa Bass with your questions and/or comments.


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