North Haven to Hold 'Trunk or Treat' Event This Saturday

A group of North Haven parents, along with the town, will host a Halloween “Trunk or Treat” event this Saturday, Nov. 10 at the North Haven High School parking lot.

After Hurricane Sandy slammed into the area last week, North Haven First Selectman Michael Freda — along with other neighboring municipalities — decided to postpone and move the town's annual Halloween trick-or-treating celebration from Oct. 31 to Nov. 7.

The extra days would allow the town to clean up storm debris, officials said, and give utility companies time to restore power and repair downed lines, making the streets safe for foot traffic.

But then, enter: Nor'easter Athena.

As it became clear the strong storm would impact North Haven, many residents requested the town once again move the town's official trick-or-treating date from Wednesday to a time later this week.

They pointed to the fact that the , as Athena raced up the East Coast.

Responding to their requests, the first selectman declined to move the date for a second time, saying in a statement posted on the town's Facebook page that he felt "changing Halloween due to in climate weather would be setting a precedent that I am not comfortable with."

However, a group of North Haven parents gathered together to organize a "trunk or treat" event for this Saturday, to provide an opportunity for local children to still go trick-or-treating.

And the town has now joined together with them in that effort.

“In lieu of the weather and safety issues that we have had, the town is supporting this event and working with the parents who have agreed to organize the event," Freda said.

The event will be in the North Haven High School from 6 p.m. to 8 pm..

Many parents will be bringing candy to distribute to the children wearing Halloween costumes.

Parents are asked to please stay with their children throughout the event.

All parents are welcome to bring their children and bring candy to distribute as part of this community gathering on Saturday evening.


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