Study: Connecticut is 14th Saddest State in Nation

The report by the University of Vermont looked at the Twitter feeds of residents in each state.

It’s easy to figure out why Hawaii would be the happiest state in the country — but Connecticut: why so sad?

A new study out of the University of Vermont, “The Geography of Happiness,” found that our state is among the bottom third in the country on the happiness scale. Connecticut ranked 14th in the study, with Louisiana coming in as the saddest state in the nation and Mississippi the second saddest.

Researchers at the university came up with the rankings by analyzing the tweets of some 10 million Twitter users in 373 urban areas in the U.S. in 2011.

 After Hawaii, the top five states that ranked the highest in the study were Maine, Nevada, Utah, Vermont and Colorado.

The five saddest after Louisiana and Mississippi were Maryland, Delaware, Georgia, Alabama and Michigan.

The study also analyzed the happiness rankings of major cities and urban areas. Napa, Calif., earned the top happiness ranking in the study, with Idaho Falls, Idaho, coming in second. Beaumont, Texas, ranked as the saddest.

In Connecticut, the Norwich-New London urban area came in 188th in the rankings of urban areas, making it the happiest in the state.

While the study looked at the fairly light-hearted issue of happiness, the methodolgy used in the research, the study's authors said, can be translated into other areas, such as examining why some areas of the country have higher obesity rates than others.

ASmith February 24, 2013 at 04:30 PM
TOP FIVE REASONS WHY CT IS SAD 1. Too much tax burden folks have less money to spend on activities with their families and less time to spend with their families cause they got to work so hard. 2. Too much traffic congestion. Highways and byways a mess. No more Sunday roadtrips with the family and picnics at roadside stops. We gots traffic jam after traffic jam. 3. Too much pollution. We go outside to breath the fresh air and lift our spirits and we choke. Gots to drive and drive in the traffic jams, and spend so much for gas to get a breath of fresh air so we dont get enough. 4. Too much agressiveness. Folks ready to bite your head off for nothing. We gots road rage, mall rage, you name it rage. Folks in this state can't sit down and have a friendly talk and debate. Everthing turns into a shouting match attack. No more civility, no kindness. Newtown tragedy showed we can do it. why can't we do it every day? 5. Too much apathy. Folks become home cave dwellers in this state. Sit home behind the computers and boob tubes and don't get out and really live their lives. They become apathetic to everything and give up. They see actors living fake lives on the tv and feel bad about their own. Folks need to get out of their caves and start living . Get involved with government and make their town state better. Walk places instead of driving the gas guzzler. Work to make our environment a healthy place. Be kind to each other and don't hate.


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