Town: 'We Must Ask that Sidewalks Be Cleared'

North Haven officials are requesting residents and business owners remove any snow or ice that may remain on town sidewalks following last month's blizzard.

Town of North Haven officials are asking residents and business owners to remove any piles of snow and ice that still remain on sidewalk paths after last month's historic blizzard.

The following is a statement posted on the town's Facebook page:

Reminder to residents and local businesses that according to North Haven Ordinance §180-4 it is the responsibility of the owner, tenant, or occupant of residential and business property to remove the snow and ice from sidewalks. It has been several weeks since our last snowfall and for the safety of all pedestrians; we must ask that sidewalks be cleared. Thank you for your cooperation.

Julie Weisberg (Editor) February 28, 2013 at 01:39 PM
Reader Stephen Blasiak posted this comment via North Haven Patch Facebook page (http://ow.ly/i873K ): "The town needs to also realize that THEY dumped 6' piles on people's front yards, mostly on the sidewalks, yes these piles have shrunk but they are solid ice now.. There are those of us who always clear the sidewalk but that makes it impossible."
Ted Greiner February 28, 2013 at 03:51 PM
It doesn't matter where the piles come from,you are responsible to keep the sidewalk easement clear or face fines. The town technically put the snow on their property. You do not own the sidewalks but are responsible to provide safe passage per the town ordinance. The town has been generous by allowing time for the piles to melt down but now it is time to suck it up and clear your walkway. Do you want to be responsible for someone getting hit by a vehicle because they could not walk down your sidewalk but instead had to walk in the street. That sounds like a major lawsuit to me. If I was on the jury, I would rule against you.


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