'Children Grow Up, and They Remember'

From a blog post on parenting to a failed budget referendum and a new economic report, Patch account-holders weigh in on the issues.

Region 14 Budget Fails, Again

"What does it take to get the majority of Woodburians to turn off the TV, sober-up, wobble out to their cars and take the time to scratch in an oval on a piece of paper?"

laments the low voter turnout on .

CT Among Top 10 States With Economic Growth in 2011

"Oh what I'd give for a governor like Scott Walker in CT!"

not buying news that . He says, "Malloy and his big taxing and over-regulating Dem colleagues in the LOB have already driven hundreds (thousands?) of CT residents and job creators to other more business friendly states like Texas, FL and the Carolinas."

Family Disharmony Hurts Kids

"...children grow up, and they remember."

weighs in on how relationship problems between parents can have major consequences on children, as told by , the Executive Director and Founder of PAS Intervention and Dance to End Child Abuse, in .

Juvenile Review Board's First Year Deemed a Success

"Hopefully these kids will go on to become happy, productive members of society instead of inmates. Can't put a price tag on that."

offers praise for a .



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