Here We Go!

Another school year is about to start, do you dread it or count down the days in excitement? How do you celebrate the end of another vacation and psych your kids up for the year ahead?

It’s the most wonderful time of they year….or is it? All around there are reminders that summer vacation is almost over and it’s time to go . I know many parents love this thought, but it makes me sad! I love spending the summers with our girls and the day I put them on the bus for the start of another school year, I feel sad.

How do you prepare your kids for the upcoming year? We hit up Staples, Target and Walmart and stock up on book covers, binders and notepads. I put this off until the last possible moment, as if denying the inevitable!

During the summer, I bend the rules a lot when it comes to bedtime, so two weeks before school starts, I start making the girls go to bed a little earlier each night and get them up earlier in the morning. This way it is not such a shock to the system, for me or them!

One last thing we do before school starts is to have a fun family day out. When they were younger, it might be hitting the beach one last time. Last year we went ziplining. This is our last hurrah before we have to get back to work!


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