'I Don't Care Who is Mayor'

From a baseball field scheduling conflict to graffiti and an expected plea bargain for a tax collector accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars, Patch account-holders call it as they see it.

Boys of Summer: Going to Bat for the Fields

"I don't care who is mayor, or what the economic impact is. The leagues that use any of our town fields should have first preference."

That's take on news that East Haven baseball teams may have to reschedule certain games to make room for an to use the fields. 


State to Offer Guillet a Plea Deal

"I don’t know how she stood in front of the parishioners at St Thomas Church every Sunday to read the gospel; as if she were an angel ha! No one is perfect but stealing from your friends, neighbors, employer and the whole community is disgraceful."

has lost all respect for the hundreds of thousands of dollars from taxpayers.


Is Graffiti Art?

"What if in the middle of the night I snuck over to my neighbor's yard and, with my great painting skill, painted the most accurate version of da Vinci's Last Supper on the side of their house? Is it vandalism or art? Depends on if you're asking me or my neighbor, get it?"

paints a hypothetical situation to color her argument that, no, graffiti is not art. .


How Do You Feel About Route 80's New Look?

"Not all poltiicans lie. There are many that still believe in public service and work toward representing their constituents."

has led to a community conversation in which many lament the loss of the greenery. made this comment in response to a remark that mentions he said the trees would only be trimmed, not cut, which prompted to call all politicians liars.


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