On Tonight: America's Got Talent, Beverly Hills Nannies and The Week the Women Went

Elissa Bass is back from vacation with some Tuesday night TV tips.

America’s Got Talent, 8 p.m., NBC

OK, can I just say that my tomorrow and WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO? Holy smokes! If time goes any faster I am going to need a seat belt. Anyway, tonight on AGT begins the last portion of the process, the Top 12 acts. My son and I had lots of fun this summer watching this show, we love it and I love that we watch it together. He will be in 6th grade this year and I know it is tick-tock on sharing time like this (if I keep going, I will start to cry so let’s move on, shall we?).

Beverly Hills Nannies, 9 p.m., ABCFamily

Confession – I am waaaay behind on the television. On vacation, my entire family spends 2 weeks on the Cape and my beloved old parents enjoy watching the Red Sox. The Red Sox are on a lot. So I read books. I know! Crazy. I read 5 books, including Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, who used to write for Entertainment Weekly, so that’s kind of like watching TV. (FYI, it is a great read.)

The Week The Women Went, 9 p.m., Lifetime

This is the reality show in which all the women leave town and the men have to figure it out. So of course they do important things like tonight: “The men work to renovate the town's train station.” Instead of not-important things like replacing the light bulbs in the hallway that have been out for three weeks.


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