On Tonight: Hoarders, Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas and The Layover

Already time for Monday night television.

Monday, Jan. 23

Hoarders, 9 p.m., A&E

I wish this show was on the History channel and that it was combined with American Pickers (9 p.m., tonight) because then the Pickers could come into the Hoarders houses and take all the good stuff – if there were any good stuff – and help the Hoarders out.

Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas, 10 p.m., Oxygen

Oh Oxygen. I remember when you were better than this.

The Layover, 9 p.m., Travel

I believe this is Anthony Bourdain’s 49th show. He has now figured out how to make a show out of every aspect of his life, save for his inevitable gastric distress, and I bet that one is in pre-production. In this one, “Anthony Bourdain is back like you’ve never seen him before. He is high octane, gritty, caffeinated and traveling with a sense of urgency. Why? Because he has only 24-48 hours to unleash an unpredictable story about a place, a people and their food. Tony will travel through the US, Asia and Europe, and reveal insider tips that only the most seasoned traveler would know.” When I have a layover, I get a tuna grinder from Subway and sit in the gate waiting area. No matter how long I have to wait.

About this column: With so many channels and so little time, it's hard to know what to watch on TV every night. Elissa Bass is here to help you decide.


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