On Tonight: The Mob Doctor, Revolution and Antiques Roadshow

What are you watching on Monday night?


Monday, Nov. 12

The Mob Doctor, 9 p.m., Fox

Dear Fox, You do realize this is still on, right? And that it started out the worst show of the 2012 fall season, and has since gotten WORSE. Please. For the sake of the children.

Revolution, 10 p.m., NBC

During Sandy, the kids were ready to go all Hunger Games on the world if need be but I was counseling them that we should go all Revolution. Which strategy do you prefer?

Antiques Roadshow, 8 p.m., PBS (check listings)

“Appraisals featuring cats and dogs in sculpture, on canvas and in other forms include an original Hush Puppy mascot, dog portraits and a naughty cat bronze.” Naughty kitty in bronze. That is hilarious.


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