The Ambassador's Coffee; The Moon is Getting Younger; Prepare for Possible Debit Card Fees, The Nerve

Reports from around the bend.

Ordering His Own Overpriced Coffee Like the Rest of Society

A Facebook photo of a US ambassador to China has gotten 40,000 reposts and thousands of comments.

Wanna know why? He's (gasp) carrying his own backpack and ordering his own coffee. He's also trying to use a coupon for the coffee, but eventually ends up using his credit card. 40,000 reposts? He's not turning the coffee into gold.

The Night is Young

New research suggests that the moon may be younger than previously assumed.

If you're not watching Ancient Aliens then this is news to you. If you are, this makes perfect sense, as ancient astronaut theorists will tell you that the moon is a hollow, “Death Star”-like monitoring station for those who seeded the Earth. Obviously.

We Ain't Guily of Nuttin'

Texas Governor Rick Perry doesn't think humans have contributed to global warming.

Now, hold on here. Do y'all mean to tell me that a Texan won't say nary a sour word against oil? Why, you're joshin' me!

Um Yeah, Test This @#$&!

Some US banks are going to “test” charging fees for debit/credit cards.

Grade: Fail.

Tough Way to Go

The second victim of “brain-eating amoebas” died on August 5.

He and another young victim contracted “Naegleria fowleri,” a parasite that swims up your nose and migrates to the brain, where it eventually causes meningitis. One of the victim's parents donated her deceased daughter's organs to afford someone else a chance at a longer life. I say good for them for balancing a negative with a positive. Aside from “flesh-eating bacteria,” could there be a more terrifying name for a parasite?


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