‘This Is Why I Support Secession’

Some of the best - or most bold - comments from Patch account holders throughout the region.


“This is why I support secession. The South End gains nothing by remaining part of Stratford. If we broke free of Stratford and formed our own town, our tax dollars would be spend in South Stratford. It would take a while to fix everything, as our infrastructure has been neglected for half a century, but in the long run I think we would be much better off.” A prompted to declare his hope that Stratford will be split in two.


“Just one more SCREW YOU to the Hamden Tax Payers!” The town is increasing fees at the transfer station and isn’t taking it lightly.


“I am so glad that D.A.R.E. is coming back to East Haven for the kids. It was always a wonderful program, I am hopeful that the kids who missed out the last 3 years will be afforded the opportunity to be part of the program. Those kids will all be entering grades 6 through 9, which are very impressionable ages in today's world.” The East Haven Police Department is hiring several new officers and is excited that the anti-drug program is coming back to town.


“Nice fit for the task of realizing our ‘great potential’ and moving our schools forward. This is a real win for Oxford.” The superintendent of schools in Bethany was hired away to take the position in Oxford, and has high hopes for the new hire. 


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