'This Picture is Absolutely Appalling'

Patch account-holders weigh in on the day's news, from the now infamous cover of Time magazine to the fading numbers of public pay phones and a budget referendum.


"Just not another pharmacy!!!" Michelle Scavetta Phillips shares what she thinks should not go in to a , on the Cheshire Patch Facebook page. "Or pizza place or bank!!!" adds Marilyn Raines. "Or liquor store!" chimes in Cindi Anthony Lerner.


"Let's face it, pay phones are as obsolete as cassette tapes and VCRs." offers this observation into modern living in response to a community discussion about the .


"This picture is absolutely appalling. And with her pose it almost borders on perversion!" That's what Heidi Ernst Manente thinks of the cover of Time magazine featuring a . She shareds her thoughts on the Stratford Patch Facebook page.


"Vote it all down and let them sharpen their pencil and feel our pain." encourages that action as residents hit the poll today to .


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