‘Wouldn't Ben Franklin be surprised’

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in Milford and nearby towns.

Milford: “Wouldn't Ben Franklin be surprised to find out that libraries are only for 'less than wealthy' people. I was always under the impression that the Free Public Library was an institution (funded by my taxes) intended for use by the public -- regardless of their financial status. The finance board may also want to consider that e-books are used extensively for special needs children in our school. I would hope that the city would not discriminate against special needs adults and children by refusing to provide such a helpful tool.” The Milford Public Library is . The idea appears to have some support in the community.

Cheshire: “I don't think there's anything that can compare to the Farmington Canal park. It offers so much to so many, and all you have to do is check it out on a nice day to see how popular it is.” Cheshire Patch asks its readers what the best park in town is, and this reader speaks for her favorite.

 Stratford: “Stop loading the schools with psychopaths and taking money for educating them.” School officials talk about the shocking shooting at an Ohio school, and this commenter to preventing a repeat incident.


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