Altercation at Vic's Cafe Leads to Three Arrests

Police intervened after a knife was pulled during an argument outside the eatery.

North Haven Police arrested three this week after an altercation outside Vic's Cafe at 244 Quinnipiac Avenue took a turn for the dangerous. 

During a dispute between three customers, one of the participants, Jasmine Atkinson, 22, took out a large knife and threatened John Sayles, 38, who at the time was arguing with Atkinson's friend, Dasha Pittman, 27. 

At the the time the knife was produced, a witness called the police. All three of those involved in the fight were taken into custody without incident. 

Atkinson was charged with reckless endangerment, carrying a dangerous weapon, and breach of peace. She is scheduled for court in Meriden on December 8.

Pittman and Sayles, meanwhile, were charged with breach of peace under family violence, and are scheduled to appear in court today. 


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