Cameras in the Women’s Bathroom; the Mall is Not a Drop-off Daycare; and ‘Dem is Fightin’ Words

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HAMDEN – The definition of perverted was manifested this week when a Hamden restaurant owner was allegedly caught filming women in the establishment’s bathroom.

Police arrested Nitipong Pruchyanmit, 29, on charges of tampering with evidence, voyeurism and breach of peace. Then, when it was discovered that he was in the country illegally, he was also charged with criminal impersonation, interfering with police and forgery.

The arrest took place after a female customer told officers that she had found a recording device in the bathroom. Pruchyanmit had set the camera to record women using the toilet, according to police.

We second the sentiments of a female customer, who said, "That's disgusting. What is wrong with people?"

Click here to find out what restaurant the incident reportedly took place at.


MILFORD – Note to parents: the Playtown at the Westfield Shoppingtown Connecticut Post Mall is not a drop-off daycare.

One mother must have missed this note when she reportedly left her 7-year-old son unattended at the Playtown for what a witness said was a couple of hours. The mother, a 41-year-old West Haven resident, maintained that she only left her son unattended for 15 minutes.

Either way, we just think that’s plain wrong. So does the law – she was charged with risk of injury to a minor.

Here’s the full report.



STRATFORD – ‘Dem is fightin’ words.

Sean Gillespy, 42, was reportedly drunk one night this week when he tried to fight his father and, once they arrived to resolve the dispute, police officers. Gillespy briefly struggled with police while they were arresting him for disorderly conduct.

According to police, Gillespy told an officer, “You are nothing without your guns and badges.”

He added that he would “love to run into you at a bar and see how tough you really are.”

Maybe the booze began to wear off because he was beating himself up over the incident – literally. Police said he was striking his head on the way to the station. Talk about a recipe for a hangover.

Here’s the full report.



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