NBPD Press Release: Police Seeking Five Suspects in Northford Home Invasion

The North Branford Police Department issues a press release regarding the home invasion on Autumn Court.

On Aug. 15 at approximately 3 a.m., the North Branford Police Department received a 911 call from a Northford resident regarding a . Officers responded and located three victims, all family members, who were held for several hours against their will.

The ordeal started at approximately 10:30 p.m. when two residents were approached by black males who had entered the residence through the garage. Both victims were ordered, at gunpoint, to the kitchen where their wrists were bound by zip ties and questioned by the suspects regarding valuables within the home.   

The victims were then directed to the basement and detained there by suspects with guns until approximately 1 a.m. when another family member returned home. This family member was then met in the garage area and was subdued by two black males. One of the suspects was holding a shotgun and the other a handgun. The suspects ordered the family member to the basement. 

While in the basement, the suspects continued to question the family members regarding valuables within the home. They also attempted to force one of the family members to open a safe that was located in the basement area, but the victim was unable to get the safe to open. The suspects attempted to remove the safe from the residence, but they were unsuccessful. 

During the ordeal, the victims were able to determine there were five black males within the home. Four of them possessed weapons. Two suspects stayed with the victims in the basement area and the remaining three ransacked the main living area going through bedrooms and other areas. During the ransacking, a 3-year-old was asleep in a bedroom on the main level.

While in the home, the suspects removed an undetermined amount of cash, miscellaneous jewelry and a television.

The suspects once again secured the three victims with rope and placed them in a section of the basement and attempted to secure the door with a piece of rope. The victims waited until they no longer heard the suspects in the home and freed themselves. A family member went upstairs and retrieved the 3-year-old and they all left the residence. They drove to another family member’s home and called 911.

The victims stated all intruders were black males and provided descriptions of two of the males including one male approximately 6-feet tall, 230 pounds, facial hair and round face; and another male is reported to be approximately 6-feet tall, 180 pounds with a thin build. All suspects were wearing masks or bandanas across their faces and hooded sweatshirts. 

Upon leaving the residence, a vehicle belonging to a resident of the home was taken and located a short distance away.

Luckily, none of the victims were injured or harmed during the incident. 

Anyone with information may call Detective Onofrio or Sgt. McNamara at 203-484-2703.


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