Thomas McLoughlin Sworn in as Town's Sixth Police Chief

Town hall ceremony packed with police and political notables.

A festive night at saw Deputy Police Chief Thomas McLoughlin sworn into office as the new chief of the North Haven police department. McLoughlin becomes the sixth chief in the force’s 67 year history.

A large audience was on hand, as local and statewide police, as well as political figures and town citizens welcomed the new chief into office.

Applause erupted after Joseph F. D’Errico, chairman of the Board of Police Commissioners, completed the ceremony in which McLoughlin pledged to uphold the duties of the office and serve the town faithfully.

D’Errico mentioned the prominent guests, which included the police chiefs of neighboring towns and North Haven’s three selectmen. First Selectman Michael J. Freda took the stage to welcome McLoughlin and congratulate James X. DiCarlo, who retired as chief yesterday after 38 years with the department.

“As one of the remarkable chapters comes to a close, another one unfolds,” Freda said.

McLoughlin, who has been on the force for 32 years, “has shown a tremendous amount of dedication and hard work,” Freda said.  "He will be a great ambassador and representative who takes the legacy of our police department and manifests it in the future. I look forward to working with this outstanding professional.”

D’Errico spoke next and joked, “Thank God he didn’t get a job someplace else.”

He also said McLoughlin will be adept at “getting stuff from the federal and state governments and homeland security.”

After the other commissioners offered brief welcoming remarks, McLoughlin took the stage.

“Thank you for your vote of confidence. We’ll move forward and keep on the road we’re on now,” he said.

McLoughlin attributed his success to his warm family relations and his work with former chief DiCarlo who was “a coach, counselor, mentor and friend.”

He also offered remarks to the officers in attendance: “We police ourselves before we police other people. We’ll continue that model and officers will be held to that standard.”

He pledged to the public that he will continue his hard work and commitment to the community.

“People know I’m very experienced and confident. You’ll get the best police service we can offer you. There’s a commitment on my part and my officers’ part to do our best.”

McLoughlin declined to discuss operational matters last night but said he will discuss them with his staff over the next two to three weeks.

clint April 03, 2011 at 09:35 PM
was Lenny there? after all he is a chief from a neighboring town? a real one at that!!!


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