VIDEO: Connecticut State Police Bloodhound: Born To Track

The Connecticut State Police use bloodhounds for only one purpose - finding people.

When a Windsor woman in Granby recently, the Connecticut State Police turned to an expert to locate her - Thor, one of a handful of specially trained bloodhounds that state police deploy exclusively for tracking purpose. 

The dog was handled by Trooper Joe Morelli, who said Thor was able to locate the missing woman, Joy Dilibero, in less than an hour late at night in treacherous conditions because of his superior tracking abilities and olfactory system. 

"He ended up trailing (her scent) up into the state forest there. There was a lot of mountain laurel, ledges, steep drop offs," Morelli said. "We trailed approximately a mile from where she was last seen and we ended up locating her." 

Morelli gave Patch a demonstration of Thor's impressive tracking prowess recently, which we captured on video. 



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