After Recount, DTC Confirms Members

Confusion during caucus delayed results.

Following last week's recount of ballots for the North Haven Democratic Town Committee's Fifth District, the list of members for the coming year has been finalized. 

According to the New Haven Register, confusion over voting regulations and a high turnout at the caucus led to a delay in the results. Misspellings on ballots and illegible handwriting only contributed to the problem. 

Walt Spader, acting a secretary for the caucus, called party officials to discuss the possibility of holding a recount under less hectic circumstances. 

From the results printed by the Register:

"After vote totals for the 5th District were counted at least twice on Jan. 10, district Captain Sarah Aziz and Board of Education member Jennifer Caldwell were not re-elected. Also off was Carole Criscuolo, wife of Peter Criscuolo. Brian Cummings wasn’t re-nominated. After a re-count Thursday before party Vice Chairman Walter Spader, who was overall secretary of the caucus, it was determined that Carole Criscuolo received enough votes, but Lillian Viele did not."

The Town Committee, to be seated in March, has a total of seventy members.

The full list of new members has yet to be posted to the DTC's website

What do you think about the results of the caucus? Do you think the DTC has a strong year ahead of them?


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