Blight Board Expands in Size

Three members apparently weren't enough. There will now be five appointed officials, plus an alternate member.

North Haven’s fledgling Blight Prevention Appeals Board is getting a little bigger. The three-person board was expanded at a town meeting on Monday from three members to five members with one alternate. The reason is because three people just weren’t enough.

“Increased membership is being sought to deal with any instances where…a member of the board cannot sit due to the inability to attend a meeting or a conflict,” said Lynn Sadosky, head of the Public Works Department. 

The board formed last year in response to a new local law aimed at curbing the amount of blighted properties throughout town. The ordinance banned rundown properties and the board is responsible for enforcing that law through public hearings and fines against the offending homeowners.

The Board of Selectman will pick the three new board members at its next meeting on June 7. First Selectman Michael Freda told North Haven Patch that there are already several volunteers interested in joining.

Current members are Theresa Ranciatto Viele (chairman), Lynn Fredricksen, (vice-chairman) and Robin Clark, secretary.


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Anthony Karge May 17, 2012 at 06:36 PM
Here are some more details on the blight laws in North Haven. http://northhaven.patch.com/articles/blighted-property-could-really-cost-you


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