Election 2012: North Haven Results

Obama wins majority of North Haven's vote on way to re-election; DeLauro defeats Winsley; voters return state Sen. Fasano and Rep. Yaccarino to Hartford; and 79.6 percent of town's registered voters cast their ballots.

Voters in North Haven today endorsed the return to office of State Sen. Len Fasano (R-34) and State Rep. David Yaccarino (R-87) —and then, split the ticket. 

In other races, the voters supported State Sen. Martin Looney (D-311), Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-Third), Senate candidate and Democratic Congressman Chris Murphy in his hotly contested race with senatorial hopeful Linda McMahon, and, for a second term, President Barack Obama.  

Deputy Registrar of Voters Tracey Falasco said that 79.6 percent of registered voters turned out for a total of 12,469 ballots cast.  

"I think it was a very good turn-out for North Haven," she said.  "A pretty strong turn-out."  

The Obama-Biden ticket took 6,376 votes to the Romney-Ryan ticket's 5,990 votes. 

Murphy edged McMahon by a vote of 6,021 to 5,911.  DeLauro trounced Winsley by a vote of 8,251 to 3,799. 

Fasano won by a vote of 5,955 to Steve Fontana's 4,674. 

Both registrars of voter — Republican Registrar of Voter Laurie Brangi and Democratic Registrar of Voters Patty Jackson-Marshall — retained their posts; each ran unopposed.   

Yaccarino ran unopposed for a second term.  

“I feel good,” said State Rep. Dave Yaccarino (R-87) on Tuesday concerning the race run by his colleague State Sen. Len Fasano. 

As a state senator, Fasano, who was opposed by Democrat and former state legislator Steve Fontana, has already served six terms.

“Lenny ran a great campaign. A clean, good campaign,” Yaccarino said. “You want a candidate who is going to represent the truth.”

“I’m looking forward to making a better atmosphere in Connecticut — lower taxes and more jobs,” he said. “No tax increases, and eliminate some of the taxes [that have been imposed by the Governor and General Assembly].  Those things are important to middle class people. They take the money out of the pockets of men and women of average means. That’s a problem... The Governor went down the wrong road. We have to work for all the people,” Yaccarino, who will now serve as an incumbent, said.

Both Yaccarino and Democratic Town Committee member Walt Spader expressed doubts about the tone of the extremely costly campaign between Murphy and McMahon to replace retiring Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I).

“That was a dirty race,” said Yaccarino, several hours before the polls had closed. “It was terrible. . . It turned so many people off.  I, personally, don’t like that . It serves no positive purpose to bash one another.  People should stick to the issues.   You don’t know what [the candidates] stand for.”

“I’ve been to the polls, been on the phones and drove voters to the polls,” Spader said, also around 5 p.m.  “Clearly, the people of North Haven are paying attention to national and state politics and want their voices heard... I’ve found many Republicans telling me how disenchanted they’ve become with Linda McMahon, but they feel that their party hasn’t given them a viable alternative, so she is still getting votes.”

Spader noted that North Haven voters are capable of splitting the ticket, as evidenced by the last election. 

Then, the voters backed then-Democratic Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal and also Republican gubernatorial hopeful Tom Foley, whom Gov. Dannell Malloy edged out in the final tally. 

Spader said he hoped for a split ticket in this election as well.

A split ticket is what North Haven residents returned in the election Tuesday. 

Walt Spader November 07, 2012 at 02:50 PM
I don't think I hoped for a "split ticket" - because I was out there for Obama and Murphy...I think I said something along the lines that I hoped Republican split their tickets and voted for Murphy instead of McMahon! - Walt Spader


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