Freda Taking Post Office Discussion National

First Selectman working with New Haven Congressional Office and USPS in Washington, DC to maintain service in North Haven.

First Selectman Michael Freda is taking the discussion over the potential closure of the North Haven branch of the United States Postal Service national.

Speaking about the issue today, Freda said that he is currently engaged in talks with both Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro and the USPS's main office in Washington, DC in an effort to preserve the town's mail service.

"Right now, we want to maintain the retail aspect of the Post Office—buying stamps, PO boxes, shipping parcels—in town," he said. "To do that, we're engaging in talks with the Congressional office in New Haven, and USPS in DC personally."

Changes to local postal service have been on the table since 2010, when the Town entered into discussions with the North Haven branch's postmaster and a relocation committee of the USPS in Massachusetts to move the office to a site on northern Washington Avenue.

Those talks, according to the First Selectman, are now at a close.

"The people we were dealing with in 2010 are no longer in a position to make decisions about the future of the North Haven office," Freda said.

Key in the current debate is a public hearing, scheduled for the evening of October 25, with representatives from the USPS.

At the session, taking place at the Recreation Center on Linsley Street, the USPS will make a presentation concerning proposed alterations in mail service, and will field questions from the public.

Asked how crucial turnout to the meeting could be, Freda was firm:

"If no one comes to the hearing, that suggests to the Postal Service that there is no interest in town," he said. 

North Haven's ZIP code, 06473, could also be at stake in the USPS's reorganization. One of the Service's trucking facilities on the North Haven-New Haven line might be a focus of consolidation should the region's mail undergo a significant reshuffling. 

"Our goal for the time being is to keep up the current level of services to residents, and remain transparent about any changes that could be heading our way," said Freda.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Post Office discussion, and as always, we welcome your comments on the issue. 

Vinny October 20, 2011 at 03:19 PM
Save the North Haven Post Office- Go to the meeting Tuesday night!


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