North Haven Eye on the Beltway: Blumenthal Visits UConn Health Center

And DeLauro holds town hall on Twitter.


BLUMENTHAL: The senator paid a visit to the UConn Health Center on Thursday to learn more about Bioscience Connecticut and how it will impact the school and the state’s economy. Blumenthal was given a tour of the Cell and Genome Sciences (CGS) building, which houses the Stem Cell Institutes and CCAM. He was then introduced to the owners/researchers of Synbody Biotechnology, Inc.

DELAURO: The congresswoman held Twitter town hall on Friday to drum up support for the Paycheck Fairness Act. Here are just a few of the Tweets she sent: 

"Senate voting on paycheck fairness act this tue. Will put teeth in #equalpayact--women make just 77 cents to a man's $" 

"Wmn make less than men just 1 yr put of college, it only gets worse as time goes on. Support PFA 2 put wmn on path 2 #equalpay"

"#equalpay worldwide problem. In 2010 men working full-time in industrial countries made average of 17.6% more than women"

MURPHY: The congressman used his Twitter page to praise Go Green Global Technologies Corp's recent announcement that it is moving its headquarters from Henderson, Nev. to Oxford. According to Mass High Tech, the new 115 Hurley Road office is 6,000 square feet. Of that, 2,500 feet will be used for executive offices and the rest for will be used for warehousing, manufacturing and research and development:

"Great news for CT: Go Green Global moving operations to Oxford. New space to be used for offices, manufacturing, R&D. http://bit.ly/Lai4OO"


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