Unemployment Rate Drops in Naugatuck

But the percentage of jobless in the borough is still higher than the state unemployment average.

After hitting double-digit percentage points in early 2012, the unemployment rate in Naugatuck dropped to 9.2 percent during the month of April.

According to the latest Department of Labor statistics, 1,567 borough residents are still jobless out of 17,004 eligible workers.

This is a slight decrease compared to numbers in both February and March, . (See the charts below for a further breakdown).

But, the unemployment rate is still overall well above the state average — as it has been for the past year. The latest DOL numbers put the statewide unemployment rate at 7.7 percent, which is the same figure as in March.

Also, unemployment in Naugatuck is considerably lower compared to this same time last year:

Town Unemployment in April 2011 Unemployment in April 2012 Naugatuck 10.6 percent 9.2 percent

In a press release last week, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said the decreasing statewide numbers show there has been job growth — namely 16,000 new private sector jobs that were added since January 2011.

“That said, I fully recognize that we have more work to do,” the governor said. “I remain optimistic that moving forward we’ll continue to create jobs.”

Here are the early 2012 unemployment figures for Naugatuck:

Month Labor Force Employed Unemployed Rate January 17,005 15,225 1,780 10.5% February 17,032 15,290 1,742 10.2% March



1,735 10.2% April



1,567 9.2%

And here are the 2011 unemployment numbers for Naugatuck:

Month Labor Force Employed Unemployed Rate January 17,130 14,915 2,215 12.9% February 17,102 14,972 2,130 12.5% March 17,107 15,118 1,989 11.6% April 17,040 15,237 1,803 10.6% May 17,036 15,248 1,788 10.5% June 17,154 15,344 1,810 10.6% July 17,328 15,462 1,866 10.8% August 17,191 15,340 1,851 10.8% September 17,043 15,361 1,682 9.9% October 17,065 15,403 1,662 9.7% November 17,023 15,439 1,584 9.3% December 16,984 15,419 1,565 9.2% Annual Average: 17,101 15,272 1,829 10.7%
Christine May 23, 2012 at 02:14 PM
How does someone even determine unemployment rates? I'm a mom and a full time and I am home by choice, but I don't collect state or anything else. I would work if there was a good enough opportunity. Or else, I'd be working just to pay daycare. Would I be considered Unemployed? Or am I considered 'something else'? I do want to work, but there aren't that many jobs that offer enough pay so I can return to work. We earn too much to get any sort of assistance for child care, so I have to pay full price for an infant, and a toddler.
Christine May 23, 2012 at 02:14 PM
*full time student
Don Carten May 23, 2012 at 05:49 PM
I agree. The reason unemployment rates are dropping nationwide is due to the fact that so many have run out of benefits and have dropped off the radar.
Angie May 23, 2012 at 06:25 PM
I agree with SuperDave- this number is too low. It doesn't take into account those that cannot collect, those that have chosen to be underemployed just to survive, and those that have moved out of Naugatuck because they cannot afford to live here anymore.
Kristin May 23, 2012 at 09:16 PM
Superdave- absolutely correct. Christine- I'm in the same senerio, there just is not a job out there to be worthwhile when you have to put the kids into daycare.


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