Montowese Baptist Church a Church to Avoid: Blog

An opinion column based on facts that reviews the various services in the North Haven Area.

If you're looking for a church to call home then you might want to skip past in North Haven CT and seek to worship elsewhere.

I have attended services at this small church in North Haven and if I were looking for a Church to attend and raise a family up in I would knowing what I know now about this church avoid it and seek a church that offers more services and programs to children and family.

The Montowese Baptist Church is currently running in a deficit situation and it's future is uncertain as it has, in my opinion as an attendee, failed to make sound choices that will lead to a strong, healthy future for the church.

Some of these choices are: The first item of note is that the church does not offer a strong Sunday morning "Sunday School" program to younger and pre teen children yet instead the younger children are offered roughly 15 minutes of time during the regular service where they are made to sit in front of the adult church body and are quickly rushed through a abbreviated story period and sing one or two quick songs then shuffled quickly back to their seats with their parents...What does this truly offer the children in way of substance?

Second...the Church is poorly setup to accommodate the basic needs of those who wish to attend and worship if those who wish to worship are wheelchair bound.

Third, the Church does not offer Sunday School during the summer making it hard to maintain any level of consistent religous training during the summer months for young to middle aged children.

Fourth, The Sanctuary does not offer an effective cooling system during the warm summer months and as such sitting in the pews during late Spring and Summer months is as comfortable as sitting in a sauna. In my opinion for the seniors and those who have medical conditions this situation should be avoided and I would suggesst looking for a church with air conditioning .

Finally,...This Church recently parted ways with it's longtime Church Sexton who being disabled worked at the church performing his duties in the best capacity he could. The Sexton offered his thoughts on what he thought would best help the church survive the deficit situation the church currently functions in and was given notice the very next day that his services were no longer needed by the church from the Church Pastor who is also a hired employee.

In my opinion this serves to show that the church does not believe in or support "Freedom of Speeech". Given all of the above facts I would strongly encourage anyone seeking a church home to avoid Montowese Baptist Church and seek out other Churches that offer you and your family more in the way of a healthy, productive religous environment.

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Gale Iannone May 18, 2012 at 02:50 PM
I am outraged by both the comments in this column. First, to Thomas: The Westboro Baptist Church is the most hateful group of people passing themselves off as doing “Christian” work. Among many of the hateful things they do, they picket and disrupt the funerals of fallen military heroes…who, by the way, gave their lives so that you can live in freedom and died so that you have the right to say and do the miserable things that you think make the WBC the best church in America.
Gale Iannone May 18, 2012 at 02:51 PM
Second, to Robert D. Huff: I don’t know you and have not attended services at the Montowese Baptist Church in many years, but I grew up in that church and know it well. I find your comments to be very mean-spirited and it sounds like you are a person with a grudge to make public with the purpose of tainting the image of the Montowese Baptist Church. The Church was established in 1811, so it is now 201 years old. Modernizing such a building is very difficult, but making it wheelchair accessible was done many, many years ago. It may not fit your idea of accessible and suit your personal comfort, but that’s your opinion. Although it seems that the church’s financial issues are in distress, the church maintains its commitment, even through this difficult time, to missionary support, a scholarship program, and activities to support the wider community with food drives, tag sales and bake sales, and encourages its young people to attend Camp Whitman camp grounds for a week of Christian camping during the summer, which I attended for several years when I was young. I was, briefly, a Sunday School teacher when my son was a youngster. Why don’t you become a Sunday School teacher? Instead of punching below the belt and then running away like bullies do, why don’t you become part of the solution to help improve the things you think are in need.
Gale Iannone May 18, 2012 at 02:52 PM
I read your blog article about what you plan to do for the Spring/Summer. On that list was to help Montowese Baptist Church with their flower garden….really? With all your complaints, that’s what you choose to help with? Very interesting choice, Mr. Huff.
Gale, Tis the land of the free and the home of the brave and we are all entitled to our freedom of speech...If you as you put it "have not attended services at the Montowese Baptist Church in many years," perhaps if you had attended on a regular basis the church would not be in the financial risis that it now finds itself in. So with all due respect please don't come off pretending to be holier then thou. Or Maybe Just maybe you should ask the Pastor of the church why it is that despite the church being in financial difficulty that he accepted a raise this year? When businesses are running a deficit one does not accept a raise a true sign of leadership would for him to have turned down the raise and waited until the church was once again more fiscally stable.
Lisa Morris May 25, 2014 at 04:03 PM
I am familiar with Montowese Baptist Church as well as other Baptist Churches and Protestant churches in CT. It seems to me that Robert really hasn't done any "research" on any churches at all, otherwise he would be aware that Montowese Baptist is similar to these other churches. All Baptist and most Protestant churches have a "Children's Story" built into their service. It is a special time for the children to reflect and voice their thoughts about a particular 'lesson', if you will. Also, I don't know of any church that has Sunday Bible study in the summer. The 10 wks are used for the Sunday School teachers to prepare for the fall curriculum. What is held instead is a Vacation Bible School! By the way, it's a lot of fun! Montowese Baptist is a small congregation of loving, caring people. The Pastor is open, caring and nonjudgmental. Yes, the church may have a deficit, but there are churches all around in the same situation. Churches are closing their doors everywhere or merging with other churches for Worship. It happens, and there's nothing wrong with that. The church has ramps for anyone in a wheelchair. The handicap access is fine. I know this for a fact because I brought my father there in a wheelchair, when he was still in this world. As for the church having a sexton, I don't know of any churches that still employ a sexton full time. Don't take my word on all this, come and see for yourself. Sunday June 8th is "Children's Sunday". Join us! All are welcome! It doesn't matter if there are 2 children or 20 children. Matthew 18:20 reads as follows, "For where two or three come together in my name, There am I with them." As with all families, businesses or churches, Montowese has it's problems. Do you know of any organization that doesn't? I think not. It takes a mature and secure individual to understand that. Of course, being a Christian helps.


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