Pro Wrestler Talks Bullying with Local Students

Sheamus visited ACES Mill Road School Thursday.

WWE wrestler Sheamus may smack down opponents on camera, but the athlete stressed a different message to students at North Haven's ACES Mill Road School this Thursday.

As part of the Creative Coalition and the WWE's STAR anti-bullying campaign, "The Celtic Warrior" discussed the dangers of discrimination, taunting, and violence with the student body.

STAR, founded in 2011, seeks to "ensure a positive and equitable social environment for everyone regardless of age, race, religion or sexual orientation through education and awareness," according to information provided by the program. 

The wrestlers Otunga and Diva Natalya made a similar appearance in Stamford late last year.

Quoted in the Stamford Advocate, Natalya said of STAR:

"There are people out there who haven't been bullied, but I'm sure every single one of us has witnessed it," she said before the presentation. "So if you've seen it or watched it go down, you can make a difference by being a support system or telling someone, or putting an end to it and saying enough is enough. There is strength in numbers."

In addition to wrestling, Sheamus, who was born in Ireland and competed in the UK before joining the WWE, has also acted in several movies, including The Escapist (2008) and Assault on Darkness (2009). 


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