When Does School Start In North Haven?

Sooner than you think! Here are all the important dates you need to know!

July is almost over, and that means the first day of school is practically around the corner!

For North Haven teachers, the first day to report to the classroom is Aug. 27 for a professional development day. Aug. 28 is officially dubbed Teacher Preparation Day.

Aug. 29 is when the buses roll and the kids return! But then everyone has Labor Day off on Sept. 3.

The last day of school is tentatively set for June 18, depending on the winter weather. The full calendar is a pdf attached to this article.

North Haven schools recently announced. The lunch prices are as follows:

Meal Prices:
Elementary Lunch (Paid):          $2.65       

Breakfast at the High School (Paid): ala carte   

Middle School Lunch (Paid):     $2.90          

HS reduced price Breakfast:        $0.30    

High School Lunch (Paid): $2.90/3.15/3.65    

All reduced price lunches:      $0.40  

Menu: Milk is included with all purchased meals.  Additionally, 8 oz. cartons are available ala carte at $.60 

Here is the link to download forms for free or reduced price lunches and other documents.

thomas July 26, 2012 at 03:19 PM
the sooner the better i seebike gangs and geeks hanging in the library, gen. xers are broke they cannot afford to send their kids to camp ect. thank God i m a baby boomer my parents made sure we were not idle.


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